Our Intergroup

When several groups form in an area, they soon realize that they can better perform certain functions together rather than separately. So the groups may form an Intergroup that is directly responsible to the groups it serves. Intergroups spring from a need to provide service for a number of local groups and help distribute information about OA in a community.

Separate ‘Intergroups’ make up ‘Regions’ and then the ‘Regions’ (10 in all) combine to make up the 'World Service'. Our Intergroup is part of the Region 2 which serves California, Hawaii, Mexico and Northern Nevada.

SGVIE Intergroup (#09009) meets:

When: On the second Saturday of each month at 9:45 am.


SGVIE Intergroup Meeting Room

1157 E. Arrow Hwy., Suite 4,

Glendora, CA 91740 

Intergroup Board Members

San Gabriel Valley Inland Empire Service Board

Chair: Teri L. (626) 825-0831                    Vice Chair: OPEN
Secretary: Shelby V. (626) 272-6899   Treasurer: Mike B. (909) 579-3044
Special Events: Sandy M. (626) 272-7708   12 Steps Within: Teri Mc. (909) 260-9237
Region 2 Rep: Agnes A. (559) 917-4313   Meeting Liaison: Donna L. (909) 225-3642
Briefs/Webmaster: OPEN   Public Information: Lorraine (951) 295-0709
Prof. Outreach: OPEN   Literature: OPEN

Intergroup Bylaws

Our latest bylaws (as of November 2016) can be downloaded here

Service Opportunities at SGVIE.

Elections for New SGVIE Board Members are coming up!

Nominate Yourself or Someone Else.

October 14, 2017, 9:45 a.m at SGVIE Office

Vacant Board Position Descriptions

**Chair - Preside at membership meetings. Signatory for SGVIE.

**Vice Chair - Act in the place of Chair in Chair’s absence. Signatory for SGVIE. Request funding from WSO and R2. Review newsletter for publication.

**Treasurer - Collects contributions and rent for the intergroup. Pays bills for the intergroup. Provides and accounting to the intergroup of group funds.

**Literature/Phone Tree - Order, maintain and distribute literature. Organize phone tree volunteers.

**Briefs Coordinator - Draft, print and distribute SGVIE newsletter

**Professional Outreach - Distribute OA and SGVIE information to the professionals.

Eligibility for Service on SGVIE Intergroup Board of Directors

  1. Have regularly attended OA meetings for one year and are currently and regularly attending meetings of a Member Group for one year.
  2. Have abstained from compulsive overeating for 6 months prior to and including the date of election.
  3. Have taken Steps 4 and 5 and practicing the 12 Steps and 12
  4. Traditions to the best of his/her ability.
  5. Nominee or candidate must be present at the time of the election.
  6. Shall not be a paid employee of OA World Service, Region 2 or SGVIE Intergroup.

 Terms of Service

  • Chairperson shall be elected for 1 year. Serves no more than 2 consecutive terms.
  • Other officers are elected for one 2 year term and serve no more than 2 consecutive terms.
  • Term starts in January 2018.

Service Opportunities at Region 2

CONVENTION CHAIR for the June 2019 OA Region 2 Convention in Ontario/Pomona Area

Duties: Plan and work with other fellow OA representatives to organize 2019 OA R2 Convention

Desired Qualifications: 2 years abstinence. Has previously attended an R2 Assembly either as a representative or alternative. A desire to serve.


SPEAKERS for the R2 Convention are needed too!

Interested in sharing your experience, strength and hope at the 2019 convention? Volunteer as a speaker. Contact: R2 Events Coordinator, Majorie at (559) 273-8560